Yes, its that time of the year again. The time of the year where we curse the cold thats creeping up and realise the only good thing about winter are mandarins. 

In order to not let winter get us down too much (considering 'SAD', Seasonal Affected Disorder is a very real thing) we have comprised a selection of interior delights that will help you remain happy during this cold, windy & wet season. 

1] Cushions from $110 from Mr & Mrs White (Dee Why). 2} Butterfly Chair. 3] Kismet Cement Tile in the O'Brien/Lever's House. 4] Analogue Life Cups. 5] Velvet. 6] Chelsea Hing Interior Design. 

1] Cushions from $110 from Mr & Mrs White (Dee Why). 2} Butterfly Chair. 3] Kismet Cement Tile in the O'Brien/Lever's House. 4] Analogue Life Cups. 5] Velvet. 6] Chelsea Hing Interior Design. 


1] Butterfly Chair. 2] Dieuwke Van Der Mark Ceramics. 3] Nordic Pelt from Abode Living. 4] Alpaca Throw from Jardan. 5] Candle from Jimmy Jane.

1] Butterfly Chair. 2] Dieuwke Van Der Mark Ceramics. 3] Nordic Pelt from Abode Living. 4] Alpaca Throw from Jardan. 5] Candle from Jimmy Jane.

1] Butterfly Chair 
Seller: MuuMuu Butterfly Chairs

$: Varies depending on material. 
The best in comfortable slouching chairs, the butterfly chair is practical for the days you come home from a cold commute and need to dive straight into something completely absorbing. It looks great with a fur or soft throw draped across it and its also a fine example of iconic 1950's design. Available in a range of leathers, canvas or even cowhide. 

2] Ceramic Cups
Recommended Potter: Dieuwke Van Der Mark.
Drinking hot tea & coffee from a tactile, hand made ceramic mug is so much more satisfying that you plain white ikea one. 

3] Nordic Pelt 
Seller: Abode Living

$: 195.00 (Small) $795 (Large).
100% Tibetan Wool pelt can easily be styled across your bed, couch, chair, floor or even your back. This wool is one of the softest on the market and will be sure to keep you cozy. 

4] Alpaca Throw
Seller: Jardan

$: 439
Its soft, silky & a 100% allergenic fibre. We love its picnic rug style pattern and contrasting edge stitch. 

5} After Glow Massage Candle
Seller: Jimmy Jane

$: 30
Yes, if you go to Jimmy Jane you will see they make sex toys, but that is also why they make an incredible massage oil candle perfect for cold nights this candle lets off a soft glow that you can also use as a warm moisturiser. 


Explore deep subtle colours like 'Drive Time', or lift your mood with burst of vibrant colours such as 'Norfolk Sky' as seen in nature on the crisp clear days. 




Are you lucky enough to be able to capture the sunshine in the day? Start to notice if the sun peeps through any windows in your home, then create a cozy nesting zone in it so you can lap up the natural heat while its there. 


Prepare for those sneaky sad days! Apply pattern or vibrant colour through materials or furnishings, these vivid blue hexagon cement tiles are sure to make anyone smile, even on the dreariest of days. 


Located in St.Kilda, this magic apartment belongs to interior designer Chelsea Hing and Photographer Nik Epifanidis. An inky & rich colour palette creates ambience whilst setting the stage for unique treasures & furnishings to pop. 

In the kitchen we see:
• A portrait of a Chef, "Le Chef De L'Hotel Chatham" by William Orpen
• Rimini Blue Sun by Bitossi
• 'Panthella Table Lamp' by Verner Panton
• A Gold Banana by Jonathan Alder

In this lounge we see:
• A stunning 1970s Vintage 'Gaetano Sciolari' Chandelier (find a similar one here
• 'Strata Sofa' by @kingfurniture,
• 'Fat Fat Ottoman' from B&B Italia
• Navy Chevron Throw by Jonathan Alder

To see more of Chelsea Hing's design & also shop her 'still life' collection, visit:



Known for being the mecca of mid-century design, PALM SPRINGS is located in California within the Coachella Valley. It is a desert resort city that surged in the 1950's due to a time of post war recovery. The time was very positive and exuberant, design was heavily influenced by innovative sciences and the exciting exploration of space.

Hollywood's celebrities and influential people all flocked to this glamorous desert city. As the rich and famous made up so much of the area, they had the ability to commission the period's best architects and designers to create lavish resorts and homes. This is why there are so many incredible mid-century designs located here. 

Modernism Week, held in February every year in Palm Springs attracts people from across the globe. It celebrates Palm Springs modern lifestyle and rich history- this is definitely on the bucket list!

The extend to which my love affair with Palm Springs Mid-Century Modern goes is quite limitless and I know it will be for you too. Bring some of this retro resort chic into your home and you will not look back, especially because a lot of the furniture used has a timeless quality.

1] Studio DIY on holiday in Palm Springs. 2] Loewy House. 3] Photo by Troyt Coburn for Marie Claire Australia. 4] Elena Boils Illustration. 5] Photo by Airows. 6] Palm Springs signage.

1] Studio DIY on holiday in Palm Springs. 2] Loewy House. 3] Photo by Troyt Coburn for Marie Claire Australia. 4] Elena Boils Illustration. 5] Photo by Airows. 6] Palm Springs signage.

Why Is Palm Springs Mid-Century Modernism applicable to Australia?

Not only do we just love this style, but there are a lot of mid-century homes and antiques here in Australia as our development as a nation was also going through the same prosperity during a time of overall community growth. We also have quite a similar landscape here in terms of the hot deserts and our lifestyle choices. Aim to channel more of a Palm Springs vibe and lifestyle into your home for a bit of relaxed glamour. 


Featuring pastels like 'Tender Touch' and rich colours from the desert landscape such as 'Deep Aloe Vera', this palette is best used in a playful way! Not only will this palette bring some brightens and fun into your home, but also the effects of colour therapy.
+ Blues & Turquoise: Apply the blues as a reminder of open skies and holidays, these will act to make your feel free and happy.
+ Pink: Will inspire you to be creative in both your home and work life. This pale pink is a major colour trend this year, and its cool tones mean its definitely not just for girls!
+ Orange & Yellows: Positivity and a bubbly attitude. 


Look at this original colour pamphlet and kitchen from the 1950's, it gives us such a great indication of the trends at the time...I love this kitchen picture, it sets such a scene from the outdoor sandstone feature wall, a multi-coloured kitchen and even the man of the house becoming completly demestocated- painting his kitchen a baby pink!

1] Clean lines
2] Pops & Blocks of Colour
3] Streamlined Transitions of Spaces (Open-plan living)
4] Integration with Nature (Merging with the landscape)

Want to bring a little bit (or a lot) of this resort style into your home? I don't blame you


1] Paint your front door
A major feature of this style is the huge emphasis that is placed on the exterior of homes. Thinking of the characteristics of Palm Springs, I am sure you can understand why- It's all about whats on show! An easy, cheap and very effective way for you to apply this style to your home is by painting your front door in a bright poppy colour. Colour blocking (a feature of mid-century modernism) is best done in contrast with lots of white and this idea will create a great first impression for your guests.

2. Use Breeze Blocks
This simple and amazing concrete invention comes in so many different patterns. If your worried about doing an entire feature wall in breeze blocks, stack a few and pop a plank of wood on top to make a bench, or simply use one around the house as decor or as a sculptural piece in the garden. You can apply these in their natural concrete finish or paint them white or any colour you desire!

Here is a little computer generated image of a project I won with Dulux, John Eussen and International Floor Coverings back when I was at uni.. This tiny 30 m2 Apartment is in Pott's Point and was all about colour play based on this period. The breeze blocks here are backed with glass and act as a see through yet semi-private divider between the shower and living room to maximise natural light through the apartment to create more of an open plan space and a cheeky resort feel, both aspects features of the time. 

'Chimes Apartment' in Potts Point by Avalon Pover-Leong.

'Chimes Apartment' in Potts Point by Avalon Pover-Leong.


1] Credenza (Unknown Source). 2] Retro Furniture. 3] Black & White Bold Pattens. 4] Copper: Styling by Heather Nette King, Photo by Mike Baker and Copyright Fairfax Media.

1] Credenza (Unknown Source). 2] Retro Furniture. 3] Black & White Bold Pattens. 4] Copper: Styling by Heather Nette King, Photo by Mike Baker and Copyright Fairfax Media.

1] CREDENZA: Get your hands on a mid-century credenza (i.e. side board) ASAP!

2] BRASS & COPPER: Use these elements in their true form to hint at sophistication. 

3] BOLD BLACK & WHITE PATTERNS: Apply through throws, rugs, cushions or artworks. This bold statement creates a sense of energy and playfulness within an interior and can be toned down by applying patterns on soft furnishings. 

4] KEEP YOUR EYES WIDE OPEN: Always be on the look for any mid-century pieces that are often found on sidewalks, thrown out by those most unfortunate to not know they were actually onto something really good!

Think anything flamingo. Whether you want to opt for a garden piece or just use flamingo pink this colour and icon of Palm Springs is such an easy way to bring this style into your home. 
+ Palms (display real plants) or apply them through textiles. 

1] Aloha Hotel. 2] Palms. 3] Flamingoes from 500px.

1] Aloha Hotel. 2] Palms. 3] Flamingoes from 500px.

Photograph by Jean loup Sieff in 1964 for Harper's Bazaar.

Photograph by Jean loup Sieff in 1964 for Harper's Bazaar.

The Swan Chair by Arne Jacobsen designed in 1958 for the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.

The Swan Chair by Arne Jacobsen designed in 1958 for the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.




DESIGN TREND: Soft, Rounded & Curved Edges.

This month, we would like to show you some stand out interior styles that we can't get enough of and the first we would like to share with you is "Soft Edges". We all will be seeing even more furniture design and more interiors featuring curves and rounded edges within the interior design world. This trend stems from our universal desire to get back to basics, it is about enhancing the organic, from shape and right through to materiality. The softness in furnishings, colour and texture will make your home an inviting and comforting place to be in. 

Here is a few wonderfully curves examples and also some pointers from products to colours, in how to apply this trend in your interior....Enjoy!

Invest in furniture and accessories that have rounded edges, a great place to start is with Jardan. If you already have lounges and pieces of furniture, use pillows and throws to soften their form. 

Flooring: There is nothing better than the feeling of a naturally woven rug. I recommend a woven hemp, seagrass or sisal rug. My favourite at the moment is the "Marigold Flower Rug" by Armadillo & Co (see pic below). 

(Custom Sized/Square Natural Rugs are also available from International Floor Coverings in Sydney (very friendly here) or The Natural Floor Covering Shop in Mosman at Spitt Junction). 

Materiality is a major factor in this design trend. Think linens, raw timbers, brown leather and soft ceramic pieces. We are seeing a movement in things being stripped back to their original forms, so no more glossy finishes, we want to go for an authentic rawness.

Imperfection is Perfection




Imperfections are key here! imperfection holds this honesty and beautiful history to it. Don't try to hide all those little dents or natural embellishments, especially when it comes to timber. 

When you do have natural timber furniture, enjoy maintaining it. There is something so soothing about moisturising and polishing a piece of beautifully blemished timber. 




Here is a colour palette that features a range of colours from Dulux and Porters Paints. The palette is quite subtle and restrained, these colours have a calming effect. This palette remind me of washed up glass pieces you find swept up on the beach that have been softened and rounded from the sand.

You could use any of these colours on a wall alone or next to the 'Manorburn Double' by Dulux or even purchase them in sample pots and apply them in your interior onto furnishings: using masking tape, paint the ankles of stools, pots, frames or kitchen utilities. (see inspiration below). 


We do need some contrasting features to really showcase these softer elements. Contrasting can be brought in through both colour and shape. 

Styling with flowers and greenery in your home to make things fresh is a no brainer, but if you don't have the time or the funds to go to your local florist, head out for an evening walk with a pair of scissors and a woven market basket. Have a look at the rich magenta coloured bougainvillea and the frilly palms I got last night...Just remember to be considerate, don't take anything that isn't plenty-full or looks like someone has been putting energy into growing. I got the bougainvillea from my own driveway and the palms from a huge bush outside the primary school. 


WRITE BACK- We would love to hear from you. 

What do you love most about this trend? Any style predictions or favourite home wares shops you'd like to share? Comment in the section below. 




Here at Australian Living, we want to bring the outback indoors. We're loving the cactus craze at the moment, and think you should too! 

You have probably already spotted a few of these spiky friends around in magazines or friend's houses and here is why:
1] They are incredibly resilient (they like bright light & heat!)
2] They come in a huge range of species: array of colours and shapes
3] Textural: they are so very visually appealing
4] Iconic Palm Springs (Need I say more??)
5] Great way to add some masculinity into your interior


Look out for:
+ The Mexican Fence Post: The most popular, a tall singular tube cactus that creates a focal point in a room (these can grow up to 2-4 meters).
+ The Beaver Tail Cactus: Grow in clusters and have vibrant little flowers.
+ Candelabra Tree: Thick stems that branch out from one another.


Where to Buy:
+ The best place to start is with your local florist. Show them exactly what type of cactus you want, they will usually be able to get in in for you. 
+ Look on for second hand cactuses, but be quick as they go like hot cakes.
+ For little cacti, head to Bunnings 

How to Style:
The pot that you pop you cactus in will determine the entire look and success of your cactuses in your home, office or shop. 
+ BIG: For a bold look go for a single and tall Mexican Fence Post Cactus and pop it in a large pot in the corner of your room. 
Go for a concrete, tin or woven pot when planting a large cactus, as it will keep the style refined and masculine.
+ MEDIUM: Still style a medium sized cactus alone, these look good on a desk or on the floor.
+ SMALL: When styling with small cactuses, go for a few different species and plant them in a ceramic or metallic pots for a more sophisticated look. These look great on a desk or on windowsills. Check out Atelier Stella's hand made clay pots that have individual and quirky faces on them ( 

WRITE BACK- We would love to hear from you. 

Do you have or want a cactus- if so what type? Show us photos of your cactus at home. Comment in the section below.




For me, there is absolutely nothing more exciting that getting to see how other people live. Since a young age, visiting friends houses was always an enchanting experience, and to this very day I am still as enthusiastic about it. 

This little oasis is Australian Living's first open home tour, it belongs to fashion design student Imogen Merrony. Here, you will get to see her stunning room, range of collectables and details on where and how to find most pieces in her room! 

STEP INSIDE: Home Tour #1

Name: Imogen Merrony
Location: Newport
Occupation: Fashion Design Student


Immy’s bright and crisp West facing room faces a view of Pittwater, Lion Island and surrounding tropical palms. The entire front wall of the space is floor to ceiling glass sliding windows, framed with metal louvers that filter light into the entire space, a perfect setting for her eclectic yet considered resort chic style. When you walk into this space, an immediate sense of serenity covers you, and that really is the most powerful element of Immy's place. 

The open plan arrangement allows for Imogen to combine her personal and work space, that is decorated with beautiful and spirited pieces she has collected from her travels. 

With a strong mexican influence, vibrant and intricately textured accessories are layered on top of white floor boards. This creative space is filled with eye candy, including a montage of treasures and a Carved Bull’s Skull hanging over in her bedroom nook.

Orchids and hints of metallic and mirror create a sophisticated effect that are complimented by thick black frames and more masculine pieces of furniture. Succulents are scattered throughout the room, bringing in the green lively colours from outside. 


How would you define your style?: My style is very eclectic, but I still like to have an overall clean and minimal aesthetic with some kitsch oddities scattered around. 

Inspiration: I find most of my inspiration comes from blogs or from my mum, her house is full of stuff that she’s collected when traveling, so I have always done the same. 

What makes you smile the most?: Above my bed is my favourite collection of things I have gathered from my travels, its the place I dream and feel the happiest. I also love the crisp white floor boards parallel to the huge windows and shutters. On warm days I open the front of my room right up and get the sea breeze and sound of the palms which has a really beautiful freshness about it. This inspires me everyday. 

Biggest Challenge: Getting everything in here. I have so may little collectibles I want to put on display, but there isn’t enough space without it looking over cluttered and messy. 


What your mates think: Well, my friends always joke I am spoilt, but the room provides so much space, so when I have friends over we always mingle around little areas in my room. I really like playing around with food styling so I make a huge spread of food on my large table, this is the best form of entertainment for me. 

Biggest oOopsies moment: I have so much stuff I want to hang up all the time and I always regrettably get impatient and hang it up with that hanging sticky tape, but my frames always fall down when too many people are walking around in my room, its quite embarrassing.

Any D.I.Y action?: All the clothes I made that are currently on display, they are part of the interior and act as art works. 

Secret Indulgence: My custom made work table, but I use it all the time for work, study and play, so it has also proved to be my best purchase.

Best Home Advice: Mixing and matching all your collectibles from across the globe, adding plants around the place livens every room up and there is a fine line between looking like you have a lot of crap every where and actually having ‘thought out clutter’. 

Retail recommendations?: Manyara Home, Mark Tuckey and authentic pieces from around the world. 



Paint & Colours:

I painted all my walls a crisp white. The floor boards were a dark timber, but I also painted them white, which I love.


I wanted my bedroom to show everything I have collected on my travels since I was 11.  As the space is a granny flat with no walls, my bedroom has to compliment all other features in the room.  

x Bull skull from Avalon Market Day. 

x White Juju Hat from Table Tonic.

x Hearts above bed collected from Mexico.

x Mirror side tables from Freedom.

x Bed pillows collected from a market in Turkey.

x Bedding: Fluffy throw from Ikea and White throw collected from travels in Italy.

x Mirror next to bed from market in Beijing (1950‘s Propaganda of Chairman Mao) 

x Prints on Right: Top from Ikea, bottom is a picture of my father when he was young.


Work Space:

For my work I need a lot clear space to lay out fabrics, drawings and designs. If I work on a small table my brain feels too cluttered so I got this table custom made as I needed one that was at least 1.5 meters wide for all my samples. 

x Table is custom made.

x Textiles storage from Beach wood warehouse in Warriewood

x Magazine book shelf from Mark Tuckey.

x Vintage Coke Esky storage box from Gidget.


TV Zone:

x High side board is from Howards Storage World.

x The Gidget Surf Film Poster was actually a gift I bought for my mum from Guy Mathews in Newport (now closed down), but she didn’t want it so its mine now. 


Walk In Robe:

I take a long time to get ready and am often getting ready with girl friends so I have my Peacock chair sort of as a viewing chair, or it acts as a place I can throw my clothes on top of when choosing what to wear. I also have a dressing table which contains all my make up and jewelry. Although I have a huge built in robe, its just not enough room plus I actually like having some of my best pieces on show and in easy access out on this clothing rack. 

x Make up table from Beach wood.

x Cow Skin Rug from Divanooi in Newport.

x Peacock chair from Freedom.

x Drinking jars above my mirror were a present from my mum.

x Black Skull from Mexico.

x Mirror from Adirs in the Supercentre at Bellrose.

x Full length mirror is a vintage piece from the 40s.


WRITE BACK- We would love to hear from you. 

Love Immy's style? Have any questions you want answered? Comment in the section below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!




lush |ləSH|
• (of vegetation) growing luxuriantly: lush greenery and cultivated fields.
• very rich and providing great sensory pleasure: lush orchestrations.
• (of a woman) very sexually attractive: Marianne, with her lush body and provocative green eyes.

What makes a space lush? And why is it a good idea to bring this style into your personal space?

When talking about lush living, I am describing spots that are totally luxurious, that completely embodies you into a state of relaxation and indulgence. This style includes a rich colour palette, tropical indulgence and deeply satisfying products.  

Creating an entire home that maintains this lavish style could be slightly too much, I think that it is best enjoyed in smaller amounts so that you can enter this sanctuary (where ever you may choose it to be), when you really desire or need it.

Instead of being completely royal, we are approaching this with a more Bohemian look.  For every rich, indulgent or deep piece you add to your interior, remember to pair it back with something cool and crisp. 

(Sources of Images in Slideshow in Image Description)

My all time favourite artist, Paul Gauguin comes to mind when I am thinking of this style. I love Gauguin's rich colour palette that combines lush yellows and greens from Tahiti. It is in these works that you can see his all encompassing escape from civilisation from Paris to Tahiti... I definitely urge you to have a look not only at his artworks for colour and mood inspiration, but also read about his fascinating life story (stock broker and family man turned impressionist artist who took up affairs with Tahiti and it's exotic women). 

To really get you in the mood, you should have a look at "The Moon & The Sixpence" a novel based on the life of Gauguin by Somerset Maugham- probably one of the best reads.

Paul Gauguin, Te aa no areois (The Seed of the Areoi), 1892, The Museum of Modern Art. 

Paul Gauguin, Te aa no areois (The Seed of the Areoi), 1892, The Museum of Modern Art. 


its important to get the perfect balance with this style. Here, I have broken down for you some easy steps in creating your rejuvenating oasis: 

1] Start with a dark colour palette or rich features, its easier to dive right in than to try and make a clean white space "moody". Try to be bold and over exaggerate everything from colour to texture! If you are a bit worried about applying dark tones onto a wall, apply them into your interior on a deep inky green and blue rug or through a throw or cushions for the couch or your bed.

2] Add your neutraliser, this is what will connect this richness to the lighter side. As seen in the colour palette below, the neutralisers are Dulux's "Transformer" and "Pale Tendril". I would recommend using these colours on your wall, as they are versatile and won't actually darken a room like you might think. 

3] Perk things up with a bright pop of colour, you can see below in this palette that "Tansy" really brings some energy into the setting. Apply these pops of colour through artwork and furnishings. 

4] Introduce white, this will heighten the contrast and overall effect of your styling. Add white through pieces of furniture and smaller items that you can 'anchor' all around the room. These smaller white pieces will link up, creating a narrative for your eye to follow around your room.



In terms of materiality, include things such as fur and velvet, but again remember to keep things slightly sharp and clean. To do this, use harder and physically cooling materials such as metals and stones. Notice how the shine in the metal and the chalky cool feeling of the marble below really clean up the softer and richer features seen in the velvet and fur. 



1] For texture and scale: Add big palms, a rubber tree or find a plant with glossy leaves and display them alone. Excess is key here, so display the leaves or branches randomly overlapping each other in a wide, low cut glass vase. 

2] Pop it with colour: Pick your own Hibiscus, these beautiful big floppy flowers are easy to find, just make sure you shake the little ants out!

3] The Masculine: The Hanging Staghorn (isn't the name enough said!?). Nicknamed as the 'Vegan Antlers', their form is strong and colours vary from rich to light greens in each plant. Just make sure it is styled in the right setting or they can look dusty and daggy. 

4] The Feminine: Madagascar Jasmine have a sensationally irresistible fragrance and are sure to get you in touch with your soft and sweet feminine side. These flowers are truly and intense indulgence. 



Location: Newport & Mosman.
"Agonise over take home pleasures for garden and home and be inspired in this evocative and nuance rich styling mecca where earth africa meets refined french and modern coastal."


Location: 104 Glenmore Rd, Paddington.
The well known and celebrated interior designer Pamela Makin's studio & store. 


Founded in Pennsylvania, this store is bound to get your soul yearning. From rugs to fashion to pendant lights, they have individual pieces that are curated perfectly.