Here at Australian Living, we want to bring the outback indoors. We're loving the cactus craze at the moment, and think you should too! 

You have probably already spotted a few of these spiky friends around in magazines or friend's houses and here is why:
1] They are incredibly resilient (they like bright light & heat!)
2] They come in a huge range of species: array of colours and shapes
3] Textural: they are so very visually appealing
4] Iconic Palm Springs (Need I say more??)
5] Great way to add some masculinity into your interior


Look out for:
+ The Mexican Fence Post: The most popular, a tall singular tube cactus that creates a focal point in a room (these can grow up to 2-4 meters).
+ The Beaver Tail Cactus: Grow in clusters and have vibrant little flowers.
+ Candelabra Tree: Thick stems that branch out from one another.


Where to Buy:
+ The best place to start is with your local florist. Show them exactly what type of cactus you want, they will usually be able to get in in for you. 
+ Look on for second hand cactuses, but be quick as they go like hot cakes.
+ For little cacti, head to Bunnings 

How to Style:
The pot that you pop you cactus in will determine the entire look and success of your cactuses in your home, office or shop. 
+ BIG: For a bold look go for a single and tall Mexican Fence Post Cactus and pop it in a large pot in the corner of your room. 
Go for a concrete, tin or woven pot when planting a large cactus, as it will keep the style refined and masculine.
+ MEDIUM: Still style a medium sized cactus alone, these look good on a desk or on the floor.
+ SMALL: When styling with small cactuses, go for a few different species and plant them in a ceramic or metallic pots for a more sophisticated look. These look great on a desk or on windowsills. Check out Atelier Stella's hand made clay pots that have individual and quirky faces on them ( 

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Do you have or want a cactus- if so what type? Show us photos of your cactus at home. Comment in the section below.