lush |ləSH|
• (of vegetation) growing luxuriantly: lush greenery and cultivated fields.
• very rich and providing great sensory pleasure: lush orchestrations.
• (of a woman) very sexually attractive: Marianne, with her lush body and provocative green eyes.

What makes a space lush? And why is it a good idea to bring this style into your personal space?

When talking about lush living, I am describing spots that are totally luxurious, that completely embodies you into a state of relaxation and indulgence. This style includes a rich colour palette, tropical indulgence and deeply satisfying products.  

Creating an entire home that maintains this lavish style could be slightly too much, I think that it is best enjoyed in smaller amounts so that you can enter this sanctuary (where ever you may choose it to be), when you really desire or need it.

Instead of being completely royal, we are approaching this with a more Bohemian look.  For every rich, indulgent or deep piece you add to your interior, remember to pair it back with something cool and crisp. 

(Sources of Images in Slideshow in Image Description)

My all time favourite artist, Paul Gauguin comes to mind when I am thinking of this style. I love Gauguin's rich colour palette that combines lush yellows and greens from Tahiti. It is in these works that you can see his all encompassing escape from civilisation from Paris to Tahiti... I definitely urge you to have a look not only at his artworks for colour and mood inspiration, but also read about his fascinating life story (stock broker and family man turned impressionist artist who took up affairs with Tahiti and it's exotic women). 

To really get you in the mood, you should have a look at "The Moon & The Sixpence" a novel based on the life of Gauguin by Somerset Maugham- probably one of the best reads.

Paul Gauguin, Te aa no areois (The Seed of the Areoi), 1892, The Museum of Modern Art. 

Paul Gauguin, Te aa no areois (The Seed of the Areoi), 1892, The Museum of Modern Art. 


its important to get the perfect balance with this style. Here, I have broken down for you some easy steps in creating your rejuvenating oasis: 

1] Start with a dark colour palette or rich features, its easier to dive right in than to try and make a clean white space "moody". Try to be bold and over exaggerate everything from colour to texture! If you are a bit worried about applying dark tones onto a wall, apply them into your interior on a deep inky green and blue rug or through a throw or cushions for the couch or your bed.

2] Add your neutraliser, this is what will connect this richness to the lighter side. As seen in the colour palette below, the neutralisers are Dulux's "Transformer" and "Pale Tendril". I would recommend using these colours on your wall, as they are versatile and won't actually darken a room like you might think. 

3] Perk things up with a bright pop of colour, you can see below in this palette that "Tansy" really brings some energy into the setting. Apply these pops of colour through artwork and furnishings. 

4] Introduce white, this will heighten the contrast and overall effect of your styling. Add white through pieces of furniture and smaller items that you can 'anchor' all around the room. These smaller white pieces will link up, creating a narrative for your eye to follow around your room.



In terms of materiality, include things such as fur and velvet, but again remember to keep things slightly sharp and clean. To do this, use harder and physically cooling materials such as metals and stones. Notice how the shine in the metal and the chalky cool feeling of the marble below really clean up the softer and richer features seen in the velvet and fur. 



1] For texture and scale: Add big palms, a rubber tree or find a plant with glossy leaves and display them alone. Excess is key here, so display the leaves or branches randomly overlapping each other in a wide, low cut glass vase. 

2] Pop it with colour: Pick your own Hibiscus, these beautiful big floppy flowers are easy to find, just make sure you shake the little ants out!

3] The Masculine: The Hanging Staghorn (isn't the name enough said!?). Nicknamed as the 'Vegan Antlers', their form is strong and colours vary from rich to light greens in each plant. Just make sure it is styled in the right setting or they can look dusty and daggy. 

4] The Feminine: Madagascar Jasmine have a sensationally irresistible fragrance and are sure to get you in touch with your soft and sweet feminine side. These flowers are truly and intense indulgence. 



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