For me, there is absolutely nothing more exciting that getting to see how other people live. Since a young age, visiting friends houses was always an enchanting experience, and to this very day I am still as enthusiastic about it. 

This little oasis is Australian Living's first open home tour, it belongs to fashion design student Imogen Merrony. Here, you will get to see her stunning room, range of collectables and details on where and how to find most pieces in her room! 

STEP INSIDE: Home Tour #1

Name: Imogen Merrony
Location: Newport
Occupation: Fashion Design Student


Immy’s bright and crisp West facing room faces a view of Pittwater, Lion Island and surrounding tropical palms. The entire front wall of the space is floor to ceiling glass sliding windows, framed with metal louvers that filter light into the entire space, a perfect setting for her eclectic yet considered resort chic style. When you walk into this space, an immediate sense of serenity covers you, and that really is the most powerful element of Immy's place. 

The open plan arrangement allows for Imogen to combine her personal and work space, that is decorated with beautiful and spirited pieces she has collected from her travels. 

With a strong mexican influence, vibrant and intricately textured accessories are layered on top of white floor boards. This creative space is filled with eye candy, including a montage of treasures and a Carved Bull’s Skull hanging over in her bedroom nook.

Orchids and hints of metallic and mirror create a sophisticated effect that are complimented by thick black frames and more masculine pieces of furniture. Succulents are scattered throughout the room, bringing in the green lively colours from outside. 


How would you define your style?: My style is very eclectic, but I still like to have an overall clean and minimal aesthetic with some kitsch oddities scattered around. 

Inspiration: I find most of my inspiration comes from blogs or from my mum, her house is full of stuff that she’s collected when traveling, so I have always done the same. 

What makes you smile the most?: Above my bed is my favourite collection of things I have gathered from my travels, its the place I dream and feel the happiest. I also love the crisp white floor boards parallel to the huge windows and shutters. On warm days I open the front of my room right up and get the sea breeze and sound of the palms which has a really beautiful freshness about it. This inspires me everyday. 

Biggest Challenge: Getting everything in here. I have so may little collectibles I want to put on display, but there isn’t enough space without it looking over cluttered and messy. 


What your mates think: Well, my friends always joke I am spoilt, but the room provides so much space, so when I have friends over we always mingle around little areas in my room. I really like playing around with food styling so I make a huge spread of food on my large table, this is the best form of entertainment for me. 

Biggest oOopsies moment: I have so much stuff I want to hang up all the time and I always regrettably get impatient and hang it up with that hanging sticky tape, but my frames always fall down when too many people are walking around in my room, its quite embarrassing.

Any D.I.Y action?: All the clothes I made that are currently on display, they are part of the interior and act as art works. 

Secret Indulgence: My custom made work table, but I use it all the time for work, study and play, so it has also proved to be my best purchase.

Best Home Advice: Mixing and matching all your collectibles from across the globe, adding plants around the place livens every room up and there is a fine line between looking like you have a lot of crap every where and actually having ‘thought out clutter’. 

Retail recommendations?: Manyara Home, Mark Tuckey and authentic pieces from around the world. 



Paint & Colours:

I painted all my walls a crisp white. The floor boards were a dark timber, but I also painted them white, which I love.


I wanted my bedroom to show everything I have collected on my travels since I was 11.  As the space is a granny flat with no walls, my bedroom has to compliment all other features in the room.  

x Bull skull from Avalon Market Day. 

x White Juju Hat from Table Tonic.

x Hearts above bed collected from Mexico.

x Mirror side tables from Freedom.

x Bed pillows collected from a market in Turkey.

x Bedding: Fluffy throw from Ikea and White throw collected from travels in Italy.

x Mirror next to bed from market in Beijing (1950‘s Propaganda of Chairman Mao) 

x Prints on Right: Top from Ikea, bottom is a picture of my father when he was young.


Work Space:

For my work I need a lot clear space to lay out fabrics, drawings and designs. If I work on a small table my brain feels too cluttered so I got this table custom made as I needed one that was at least 1.5 meters wide for all my samples. 

x Table is custom made.

x Textiles storage from Beach wood warehouse in Warriewood

x Magazine book shelf from Mark Tuckey.

x Vintage Coke Esky storage box from Gidget.


TV Zone:

x High side board is from Howards Storage World.

x The Gidget Surf Film Poster was actually a gift I bought for my mum from Guy Mathews in Newport (now closed down), but she didn’t want it so its mine now. 


Walk In Robe:

I take a long time to get ready and am often getting ready with girl friends so I have my Peacock chair sort of as a viewing chair, or it acts as a place I can throw my clothes on top of when choosing what to wear. I also have a dressing table which contains all my make up and jewelry. Although I have a huge built in robe, its just not enough room plus I actually like having some of my best pieces on show and in easy access out on this clothing rack. 

x Make up table from Beach wood.

x Cow Skin Rug from Divanooi in Newport.

x Peacock chair from Freedom.

x Drinking jars above my mirror were a present from my mum.

x Black Skull from Mexico.

x Mirror from Adirs in the Supercentre at Bellrose.

x Full length mirror is a vintage piece from the 40s.


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