DESIGN TREND: Soft, Rounded & Curved Edges.

This month, we would like to show you some stand out interior styles that we can't get enough of and the first we would like to share with you is "Soft Edges". We all will be seeing even more furniture design and more interiors featuring curves and rounded edges within the interior design world. This trend stems from our universal desire to get back to basics, it is about enhancing the organic, from shape and right through to materiality. The softness in furnishings, colour and texture will make your home an inviting and comforting place to be in. 

Here is a few wonderfully curves examples and also some pointers from products to colours, in how to apply this trend in your interior....Enjoy!

Invest in furniture and accessories that have rounded edges, a great place to start is with Jardan. If you already have lounges and pieces of furniture, use pillows and throws to soften their form. 

Flooring: There is nothing better than the feeling of a naturally woven rug. I recommend a woven hemp, seagrass or sisal rug. My favourite at the moment is the "Marigold Flower Rug" by Armadillo & Co (see pic below). 

(Custom Sized/Square Natural Rugs are also available from International Floor Coverings in Sydney (very friendly here) or The Natural Floor Covering Shop in Mosman at Spitt Junction). 

Materiality is a major factor in this design trend. Think linens, raw timbers, brown leather and soft ceramic pieces. We are seeing a movement in things being stripped back to their original forms, so no more glossy finishes, we want to go for an authentic rawness.

Imperfection is Perfection




Imperfections are key here! imperfection holds this honesty and beautiful history to it. Don't try to hide all those little dents or natural embellishments, especially when it comes to timber. 

When you do have natural timber furniture, enjoy maintaining it. There is something so soothing about moisturising and polishing a piece of beautifully blemished timber. 




Here is a colour palette that features a range of colours from Dulux and Porters Paints. The palette is quite subtle and restrained, these colours have a calming effect. This palette remind me of washed up glass pieces you find swept up on the beach that have been softened and rounded from the sand.

You could use any of these colours on a wall alone or next to the 'Manorburn Double' by Dulux or even purchase them in sample pots and apply them in your interior onto furnishings: using masking tape, paint the ankles of stools, pots, frames or kitchen utilities. (see inspiration below). 


We do need some contrasting features to really showcase these softer elements. Contrasting can be brought in through both colour and shape. 

Styling with flowers and greenery in your home to make things fresh is a no brainer, but if you don't have the time or the funds to go to your local florist, head out for an evening walk with a pair of scissors and a woven market basket. Have a look at the rich magenta coloured bougainvillea and the frilly palms I got last night...Just remember to be considerate, don't take anything that isn't plenty-full or looks like someone has been putting energy into growing. I got the bougainvillea from my own driveway and the palms from a huge bush outside the primary school. 


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What do you love most about this trend? Any style predictions or favourite home wares shops you'd like to share? Comment in the section below.